about the Rotiform BLQ-C

Available Sizes: 19x8.5

Refined and redesigned in multiple widths, diameters, and exclusive finishes. Innovative new engineering and casting methods yield stronger, lighter wheels while retaining the signature Rotiform look.

additional finishes

Rotiform BLQ-C

Brand: Rotiform
Finish: Matte Anthracite
Size: 19"
Starting Price: $367 (ea)


Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
R166198502+35A Anthracite 19x8.50 5x107.95 5x114.3 35 72.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy
R166198502+45A Anthracite 19x8.50 5x107.95 5x114.3 45 72.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy
R1661985F4+35A Anthracite 19x8.50 5x112 5x120 35 72.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy
R1661985F4+45A Anthracite 19x8.50 5x112 5x120 45 72.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy
R1661985F8+35A Anthracite 19x8.50 5X112 35 66.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy
R1661985F8+45A Anthracite 19x8.50 5X112 45 66.56 1600 0 $367.00 (ea) Buy

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