Proper vehicle maintenance leads to improved performance, and every driver can relate to that. Cold air intakes are the perfect ingredient for those who know how to punch the pedal with authority, and So Cal Custom Wheels has just what you need. We offer top-quality air intakes and air filters that turn hot dirty air into the cool clean breeze your engine needs. You will surely appreciate the stylish look of these cold air intakes once installed in your engine bay.

You simply cannot afford to let hot air and dust slow you down and sap away crucial horsepower by clogging up engine works when you plan to be serious about dropping the hammer. Cold air intakes unchain the inner beast that's been clawing at the door by smoothing air flow with a less restrictive air filter that builds a clearer path from the intake to the engine. More airflow means better combustion from higher oxygen levels in the combustion chamber, and more performance. Get a real taste of what riding to the winner's circle is all about!

We recommend: K/N Filters, AEM, Airaid, AFE Power, Green Filter, Banks.