about the fifteen52 Tarmac

Available Sizes: 17x7.5, 18x8.5

The fifteen52 Tarmac is perhaps the iconic design that best represents everything the company stands for. Bold, durable, purposeful, and the antithesis of trendy; the Tarmac is a classic motorsports wheel that will stand the test of time.

fifteen52 Tarmac

Brand: fifteen52
Finish: Rally White
Size: 17", 18"
Starting Price: $279 (ea)


Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
TARRW-77548+42 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 17x7.50 4x108 42 63.4 1600 22 $279 (ea) Buy
TARRW-77551+40 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 17x7.50 5x112 40 66.56 1600 22 $279 (ea) Buy
TARRW-775BK+30 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 17x7.50 BLANK 30 56.1 1600 26 $279 (ea) Buy
Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
TARRW-88551+45 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 18x8.50 5x112 45 66.56 1600 24 $319 (ea) Buy
TARRW-88554+30 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 18x8.50 5x114.3 30 73.1 1600 25 $319 (ea) Buy
TARRW-88554+48 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 18x8.50 5x114.3 48 73.1 1600 24 $319 (ea) Buy
TARRW-88558+42 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 18x8.50 5x108 42 63.4 1600 25 $319 (ea) Buy
TARRW-8855BK+30 RALLY WHITE (GLOSS WHITE) 18x8.50 BLANK 30 56.1 1600 28 $319 (ea) Buy

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