about the Method Race Wheels MR406

Available Sizes: 14x8, 14x10, 15x8, 15x10

The 406 Beadlock is the third installment in our UTV lineup. The mesh wheel has a matte black finish with a matte black beadlock ring. The ring is Forged 6061 Aluminum and utilizes Grade 8 Zinc-plated mounting hardware that is countersunk into the rings. The 406's inner barrel is tapered to deter mud, rocks etc. from building up and causing damage to the brake calipers and adding extra weight. Available in sizes from 12"-14" these wheels will be perfect for a staggered sand setup or those looking for optimal floatation from an even offset. The 406 Beadlock has a 1600 lb load rating. It also includes a center cap as well as a limited lifetime warranty.

Method Race Wheels MR406

Finish: Matte Black
Size: 14", 15"
Starting Price: $251.07 (ea)


Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
MR40648046544B MATTE BLACK 14x8 4x156 -2 132 1600 16 $295.38 $251.07 (ea) Buy
MR40648047544B MATTE BLACK 14x8 4x136 0 106 1600 17 $295.38 $251.07 (ea) Buy
MR40641046555B MATTE BLACK 14x10 4x156 -2 132 1600 18 $299.00 $254.15 (ea) Buy
MR40641047555B MATTE BLACK 14x10 4x136 0 106 1600 18 $299.00 $254.15 (ea) Buy
Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
MR40658046544B MATTE BLACK 15x8 4x156 -2 132 1600 21 $329.38 $279.97 (ea) Buy
MR40658047544B MATTE BLACK 15x8 4x136 0 106 1600 21 $329.38 $279.97 (ea) Buy
MR40651046555B MATTE BLACK 15x10 4x156 -2 132 1600 22 $340.85 $289.72 (ea) Buy
MR40651047555B MATTE BLACK 15x10 4x136 0 106 1600 22 $340.85 $289.72 (ea) Buy

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