about the Asanti Forged Wheels A/F Series AF859

Available Sizes: 18x7.00, 18x7.50, 18x8.00, 18x8.50, 18x9.00, 18x9.50, 18x10.00, 18x11.00, 18x12.00, 18x14.00, 18x15.00, 19x7.00, 19x7.50, 19x8.00, 19x8.50, 19x9.00, 19x9.50, 19x10.00, 19x11.00, 19x12.00, 19x13.00, 19x13.50, 19x15.00, 20x7.00, 20x7.50, 20x8.00, 20x8.30, 20x8.50, 20x9.00, 20x9.50, 20x10.00, 20x10.50, 20x11.00, 20x11.50, 20x12.00, 20x12.50, 20x13.00, 20x13.50, 20x14.00, 20x14.50, 20x15.00, 20x15.50, 20x16.00, 21x8.50, 21x9.00, 21x9.50, 21x10.00, 21x11.00, 22x7.00, 22x8.00, 22x8.30, 22x8.50, 22x9.00, 22x9.50, 22x10.00, 22x10.50, 22x11.00, 22x11.50, 22x12.00, 22x12.50, 22x13.00, 22x13.50, 22x14.00, 22x14.50, 22x15.00, 22x15.50, 24x8.50, 24x9.00, 24x9.50, 24x10.00, 24x10.50, 24x11.00, 24x11.50, 24x12.00, 24x12.50, 24x13.00, 24x14.00, 24x14.50, 24x15.00, 24x15.50, 26x9.00, 26x9.50, 26x10.00, 26x10.50, 26x12.00, 26x12.50, 28x9.00, 28x10.00, 28x10.50, 28x11.00, 28x11.50, 28x12.50, 28x13.00, 28x14.00, 30x10.00, 30x11.00

Standard Forged Series. Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum.

3PC Sizes
Available in 18"- 28"

2PC Sizes
22x9, 22x10
24x9, 24x10
26x9, 26x10
28x9, 28x10

Asanti Forged Wheels A/F Series AF859

Finish: Red
Size: n/a
Starting Price: CALL FOR DETAILS

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