about the Hostile H105 Exile

Available Sizes: 20x12

EXILE Wheels by Hostile®. Hostile wheels are an aggressive-looking brand of wheel for your off-road-style pickup. With an emphasis on angular styling, wide lips and a variety of chrome and black finishing styles, these wheels will make your car's look…hostile.

Hostile H105 Exile

Brand: Hostile
Finish: Asphalt
Size: 20"
Starting Price: $501 (ea)


Part # Finish Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Price
H105-2012613547BB Asphalt 20x12 6x135 -44 87 2200 34 $501 (ea) Buy
H105-2012655047BB Asphalt 20x12 6x139.7 -44 106.10 2200 34 $501 (ea) Buy
H105-2012816547BB Asphalt 20x12 8x165.1 -44 125.20 3500 37 $501 (ea) Buy
H105-2012817047BB Asphalt 20x12 8x170 -44 125.20 3500 37 $501 (ea) Buy
H105-2012818047BB Asphalt 20x12 8x180 -44 125.20 3500 37 $501 (ea) Buy

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